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Non Toxic Skincare


Clara & Fritz

A family-owned small business specializing in providing clean, simple, tallow based skincare. 

A few of our favorites are the pemberley whipped tallow moisturizer and the orange cream tallow lip balm.

Looking for a safe spf balm? They have one!

Shop Clara & Fritz here:


Pretty Farm Girl

Another small family-owned
specializing in small batch,
handcrafted soaps.

Whether you choose the tallow based
or goat milk based, you can be assured
they will all be free of seed oils,
artificial colors, synthetic fragrances and
other harmful chemicals that
most soaps contain.

Shop Pretty Farm Girl:



Small, women owned business offering simple, unrefined ingredients from local producers and lightly scented with steam-distilled essential oils.

A few of our favorites are the whipped sugar scrub and the eucalyptus whipped body butter.

Shop Fatskn here:


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