Seed oil free shopping

You have replaced your home cooking oils with healthy options and detoxed your pantry and fridge from seeds oils, now what?

While you are feeling good about your decision to purge you may also be feeling a little overwhelmed and that is ok! 
 New beginnings require a lot of change so here are some grocery list items to help replace old favorites...but first a few helpful links (and savings!)



More info:

Seed Oil Free Shopping Guides available now:

Walmart, Target, Kroger, Publix, Trader Joe's,
Whole Foods, Costco, Sam's Club, Aldi &
more to come!

Free mini guides & seed oil free living tips on YouTube:

Thrive Market
An online, very reasonable membership based shopping market that gives you easy access to some of our favorite healthy food options at a discounted price. Save an additional 40% on your first order through our link.


Choosing cooking fats & oils

Deciding which oil to use can be hard and choosing which brand can be overwhelming. To make things even more complicated not all brands are created equal as many "good choices" can still be laced with cheap toxic oils, how sneaky! Here are some of our favorite brands that we trust and recommend.   * Indicates grassfed or extra virgin/unrefined which are the top notch best options.


Olive oil:
-Mary Ruth's Organics*
-Mis Raices Organic roots* 
-Tassos Organic*
-Braggs Organic*
-Lucini Organic*
-Threpsi Organic*
-Kirkland extra virgin italian*
-Kirkland signature extra virgin*
-California Olive Ranch extra virgin*
-Primal Kitchen*
-Trader Joe's Premium extra virgin*
-Trader Joe's Kalamata extra virgin*


-4th and heart (original)*
-Ancient organics*
-Carrington farms*
-Thrive Market*
-Organic Valley
-Simply Organic



-Epic animal fats*
-Ancestral supplements*

-Vital Farms*
-Carrington Farms*
-Kirkland grassfed*


Virgin coconut oil:
-Nutiva organic*
-Whole foods 365 organic*
-Dr. Bronner's organic*
-Carrington farms organic*
-Trader Joe's organic*
-Good & Gather organic*
-Kirkland organic*
-Vita Coco organic*

Avocado oil:
-CalPure extra virgin*
-Primal Kitchen extra virgin*
-Chosen Foods