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Seed Oil Free Shopping Tools

You have replaced your home cooking oils with healthy options and detoxed your pantry and fridge from seeds oils, now what? While you are feeling good about your decision to purge you may also be feeling a little overwhelmed and that is ok!  New beginnings require a lot of change and here are some tools to help you get started...




Get connected to seed oil free items in your grocery store with over 6,000 seed oil free grocery items, over 50 searchable categories/12 stores and the ability to favorite items to create customizable shopping lists all for version one! We love our seed oil free community and want you to be involved so don't forget to submit your favorite seed oil free items that you may not see in the app. With your help we expect to see massive growth with Seedy app over the next year!


If you are looking for a more guided approach when it comes to creating a balanced foundation while
living a Seed Oil Free Life, make sure to check out: 

Healthy Oil Respecter's Seed Oil Free Living Guide 


Learn the balance and how to shop the diet of Healthy Oil Respecter and her family with an 80/20 clean eating approach with over 30 pages of "cleaner" seed oil free grocery items, discounts with our affiliates and more!

Special savings with some highlighted farms and online shops that we love...

White Oak Pastures
Quality meats and more delivered directly to your door! White Oak Pastures is a six generation, family farm in Georgia raising grass-fed beef, no soy/no corn chicken and more on their regenerated land. Don't forget to check our their beef tallow, bone broth and tallow based soap too : ) Save $10 on your first purchase through our link.


Miller's Bio Farm
From their farm in Pennsylvania straight to your door offering top quality grass-fed meats, pasture raised corn/soy free eggs, chicken, pork and more. Make sure to check out their baked goods and bone broth too! Save $10 on your first order with our link.

Force of Nature Meats
Offering some of the best meats available through regenerative ranchers in the U.S. Don't forget to check out their ancestral blends for an easy way to incorporate nutrient dense organs into your diet! Save $15 on your first order through our link.

Thrive Market
An online, membership based shopping market that gives you easy access to some of our favorite healthy food options at a discounted price. Thrive Market helps you save on many of our suggested oil brands and pantry staples (Fatworks, Primal Kitchen, The New Primal, Chosen Foods & Siete just to name a few!). Save an additional 40% on your first order through our link.


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